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Brooker Piling Solutions and Helical Pile Solutions provide installation torque drive units, offering a diverse selection for sale or hire in the UK. Our latest Direct Drive units, ranges from 50kNm to 120kNm. The distinct advantage of our Direct Drive units over other torque drive units used in helical piling lies in their gearless design, ensuring no loss of output during operation.

In addition to our Direct Drive line, we offer a range of Variable Drives spanning from 145kNm to 215kNm, along with a limited selection of Handheld Rigs.

Brooker Piling Solutions also provides live monitoring for all piling installations. Via our sister company Helical Pile Solutions, we proudly offer our enhanced Intelli-Tork device, now available for sale or hire.


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Helical Piling Benefits

  • Fast and simple installation

  • Load immediately after installation

  • Year-round installation

  • No excavation or spoil to remove

  • Minimal equipment needed for installation

  • Minimal vibration

  • Use in both compression and tension applications

  • Easy to move or remove

  • Install in tight spaces

  • Functional in poor soil conditions

  • Little noise disturbance

  • Adaptable to a variety of installation angles

  • Eliminate or minimise concrete use

  • Installation in contaminated grounds

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