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Utilizing the industry-leading Intelli-Tork® technology, we actively monitor all our helical piling installations in real time. Our Intelli-Tork® live monitoring devices are available in a range of capacities, from 16kNm for our smallest unit to 560kNm for our largest unit. Additionally, each device is available for sale or hire, providing flexibility to our clients

Described as “A Quantum Leap in Precise Torque and Angle Data Measurement,” Intelli-Tork® seamlessly integrates wireless technology with exceptionally accurate torque monitoring capabilities, boasting a precision of +/-0.3%.

Information Captured

Live Monitoring Devices

Available for sale or hire


Sizes & Specs

H200 H300 S400 S1250 S2500 S4000 Units

Calibrated Torque Rating

10,000 (13,558)
25,000 (33,895)
60,000 (81,349)
125,000 (169,477)
250,000 (338,955)
400,000 (542,327)
lb. ft (Nm)

Max Torque Rating

12,000 (16,270)
32,000 (43,386)
67,000 (90,840)
140,000 (189,815)
265,000 (359,292)
415,000 (562,664)
lb. ft (Nm)

Calibrated Thrust Rating

33 (14,969)
33 (14,969)
33 (14,969)
33 (14,969)
33 (14,969)
33 (14,969)
klbf (kgf)

Operational Temperature Range

-20 (-29) to 120 (49)
°F (°C)

Operating Voltage


Data Output Rate


Non-linerity Accuracy


How does it work?

Intelli-Tork® precisely measures the torque and axial load exerted between two flanges. Equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, it seamlessly connects to a smart device running the Intelli-Tork® App. This integration not only provides real-time visual feedback but also guarantees precise data logging. The captured data is stored as a .csv file, accessible within the app and easily shareable via email. Software such as Microsoft Excel can then be utilized for in-depth analysis and interpretation.

Device Features

Why Use Intelli-Tork®?

When installing helical piles, precise data capture is crucial, and the Intelli-Tork® device is engineered to accomplish just that. By recording the data, it guarantees transparency throughout the entire process, offering our customers the essential quality control information necessary for project sign-off.

Eliminating the necessity for manual data logging, Intelli-Tork® negates the requirement for an independent representative on-site to confirm rotation logging and torque consistency with the piling operative’s records. By securely storing data in the cloud, Intelli-Tork® ensures the validity of the installation across all specification aspects.

Moreover, Intelli-Tork® aligns with the specifications outlined in the BS8004:2015 standard for data capture, a requirement mandated for all helical piling contractors.

Another significant advantage of the Intelli-Tork® device is its ability to provide real-time visualization of torque capacities during the piling process. Additionally, alarm settings can be configured to prevent exceeding the maximum torque of the pile, thereby mitigating the risk of pile failure.

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