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The benefits of helical pile foundations are numerous and are the reason why helical piles have quickly become a favoured foundation solution for hundreds of applications across multiple industries.

Fast & simple to install

One of the great advantages of using helical piles is that installation requires a small crew with no specialised machinery. There’s no need to excavate, no curing time and each helical pile can be advanced at a rate of about 3 metres every five minutes making installation incredibly fast. In a matter of hours, a dozen or more helical piles can be installed with minimal site impact.

minimal vibration

Vibration during installation is minimal meaning no damage to the existing foundations of nearby buildings and structures. Vibration is also critical for underground services, therefore helical piles can be installed in close proximity without causing any concern to the utilities.

year round installation

Helical piles can be installed all year round, whatever the weather and whatever the temperature. Unlike traditional piling methods, helical piles can be installed in freezing temperatures as there is no need for curing, meaning the project can continue to progress no matter what the weather is.

suitable for contaminated ground

Helical piles do not generate downdrag therefore whilst helical piles advance to the predetermined depth, any contaminants within the soils remain where they are and are not taken down with the pile. Usually, closed end piles are preferred when it’s known that contamination exists to ensure that lower aquifers are unaffected.

Load immediately after installation

Once set at the predetermined designed bearing strata, a helical pile’s load capacity is immediate as there is no need to allow for curing time. As there is no requirement for curing, the programme of the project can be significantly reduced, and cost savings made.

no excavation

There’s no need to excavate or remove spoil, which not only speeds up installation time, but keeps the site clean and saves money that doesn’t need to be spent on excavators and removal.


Because helical piles are able to withstand a range of axial, uplift and shear forces they can be used for projects where other foundation solutions cannot. While helical piles are usually installed vertically, they can be used on angles or even horizontally, making them ideal for earth retention projects.

cost effective

With no need to excavate, no hauling of spoil, no downtime while curing, and no need for specialised machinery, helical piles are incredibly cost effective, saving many on-site and crew costs. There is also no maintenance or long-term upkeep required so ongoing costs are non-existent.

quiet to install

During installation, very little noise is generated meaning less disruption to the site, public and wildlife.

small site footprint

Each helical pile is incredibly narrow and with no large machinery needed to install, they can be used in areas where access is tight or there are existing site restrictions.

flexible yet precise

Each helical pile is designed and manufactured for the project, site conditions and load it will anchor. Load capacity is verified onsite using a specialised torque measuring device and simple modifications can be made if necessary.

functional in poor soil conditions

Helical piles can be installed in a wide variety of soil types. Designed to compress the existing soil and apply tension to it, each pile anchors itself into place whether the soil is soft, dense, silty or sloping.  Helical piles can handle it all.

easy to remove

Designed like a screw, helical piles are easy to remove even years after installation meaning they are an ideal foundation solution for temporary structures or for use on sites that need to be returned to their natural state.


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