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Established in 1990 Brooker Piling Solutions Ltd are one of the World’s leading suppliers of Foundation Drilling Tools, Helical Piles (aka Screw Piles) and Accessories, with manufacturing facilities based in the United Kingdom serving the European Market and Sydney Australia covering Australasian and Asia Markets. In addition to these operations, it has sales offices in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Singapore and Shanghai.

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Brooker Piling Solutions offers a complete bespoke design service for any type of Drilling Tool, from small Post Hole Augers for Skid Steers Loaders and Mini Excavator, Post Hole Augers for Pressure Diggers and Pendulum Drills, Specialist Site Investigation Tools, Mini Piling Augers including Hexagon Core Augers, CFA Augers from 200mm to over 1.5m in Diameter to large diameter Rotary Foundation Drilling Tools to suit every type of Foundation Piling machine, including Rock Augers, Core Barrels, Drilling and Cleaning Buckets.

For Helical/Screw Piles, please visit our sister company Helical Pile Solutions Limited.

Quality Products

From our manufacturing facilities in Cambridgeshire (UK), Brooker Piling Solutions offers a complete service from initial product design concept right through to complete manufacture of the drilling tool. Every process is conducted in-house, we produce our own profiles, press our own flights, machine all our CFA Couplings in our CNC machine shop and fabricate the drilling tools with our specialist team of accredited fabricators and welders. Finally, all products are inspected and painted before dispatch. Every step of each process is monitored closely using cloud-based MRP system while following ISO9001 rigid guidelines. Brooker Piling Solutions are a leader in Foundation Drilling Tools.

Foundation Tooling and Helical Pile Industry

35years of experience

More Than A Supplier

  • Quality

    Our products boast unparalleled quality, meticulously crafted to cater to individual project requirements and site specifications. Situated in our state-of-the-art facility in Cambridgeshire, each product is expertly manufactured in-house. This vertical integration allows us to maintain meticulous oversight at every stage of production, ensuring the utmost quality and precision. With our hands-on approach, we confidently guarantee the excellence of our products and their seamless integration into your projects.

  • Service

    All Helical Pile Solutions customers can expect to receive exceptional service. From ensuring a quick turnaround on enquiries, to fast delivery and ongoing advice and support from enquiry to completion, we’re always on hand to provide guidance wherever it is needed.

  • Expertise

    With a wealth of expertise in Foundation Drilling Tools and Helical Piles, our team has lent their insight to countless projects spanning various industries. We kickstart each endeavor with thorough site visits, meticulous examination of soil data, and precise load calculations, all tailored to the specific requirements of your project. Rest assured, regardless of the complexity or scale, our commitment to delivering accurate advice remains unwavering. Trust us to guide you towards optimal solutions for your project needs.

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